To be honest I’m a genre fiction reader – fantasy, SF, crime, thriller with a dash of horror (or urban paranormal fantasy). I do occasionally read general fiction and some non-fiction. I also read great amounts of children’s fiction of all ages – no I’m not embarrassed to say that. Yes it is part of my job, I couldn’t very well be a good kids book specialist if I don’t know the product. Now I’ve started reading some of these authors I’d be hard pressed to put them down if I stopped working as I do.

I am an avid reader, though I suppose avid is subjective, even with work, two kids, writing and the occasional jaunt across the stage, it’s not unusual for me to read two or three books a week, sometimes more. I am a quick reader, which has made it easier for me when it comes to being able to recommend and discuss different books for different kinds of young readers.

I am also a re-reader, having read and re-read some of my favourite books more times than I can put a number to.