That’s the number of people who submitted to the manuscript competition I entered.


Is the number of those who were long-listed.


Is the number of people who may be short-listed.

So to continue with the numbers, I beat 211 submissions to get where I am and next week I find out if I made it to the top ten.

As consumed as I am with getting short-listed my pleasure at getting long-listed was relatively brief. It was a big thing in the time leading up to it and a big thing for a few days after.

Then I sunk into the doldrums of waiting. There were times of feeling confident with my work and times I wondered if I should be more stressed by the wait. There were moments I wondered just how good it was to be long-listed, maybe 120 people submitted and 100 got long-listed. Sometimes logic and reason just don’t sit well in my creative brain (or at least not real world logic and reason).

There was also the time I met someone who had a friend who has been long-listed. That was another mark in the ‘maybe it wasn’t so impressive’ part of my brain.

During this time I met the wonderful Kirsty Murray and she encouraged me by saying it wasn’t easy to get long-listed.

This week though I discovered the numbers. I’m sure they’ve been available for a while, I just didn’t really think they’d be out there, at least not until the judging period was over.

261 entered, 50 were long-listed. I beat 211 submissions and am in the top 20%. This is something I should be proud of no matter how the cards fall.

Who am I kidding I really want on that short-list.