This is a trickier question to answer in some ways. I always wanted to write fantasy but until I came across Evayn’s story I simply couldn’t find the one I had to tell.

For me it’s not a case of simply deciding what to write and going at it. It’s a matter of inspiration, something grabbing hold of you and demanding to be given voice.

My fantasy novel is my fourth. The other three aren’t dead to me and may get a new life one day but they aren’t fantasy. Strangely they are more general fiction. Not something I read a whole lot of which is why it surprised me a little that these were the stories that demanded to be told. At their core though, all of these stories have issues I feel very strongly about.

I have gone through phases in my writing that include poetry and scripts. In some ways I wonder if this has been detrimental to my publications goals, then I look at things through a wider lens and know that those are the very things that have shaped the writer I am today.

In Psyene I have found my world and characters who make me laugh, cry and want to get to know them more deeply. Still though, other ideas tumble around in my mind. I realise some publishers like their authors to stick to one thing for marketing purposes but I have also noticed if you are a children’s author it is fine to write across age ranges and the same applies with some genre authors.

For me though my market appeal is yet to be decided and so I will continue to write those stories that grab me by the throat and demand to be told.