So this week I was rejected but it happens, and I decided I was going to push right on ahead. Which I did. I have also started a new book, no point letting one little thing stop you doing what you really love. I haven’t really hit too far down after getting the notification, which in way surprises me, being emotional like I am I tend to crash quite well.

Work has been busy too, I had a 21 page list of children’s and YA books to pull off my shelves and discount. I guess it’s good that I’ve been so busy, it meant if I wanted to push forward I had no time for self pity. My hours at work may have been frustrating and mind numbing but at least I had to think about something and not leave my mind to it’s own occupations.

I’ve managed to write over a thousand words this week and I’ve gotten to play with new tech…I haven’t had an iphone before, so I enjoyed adding books and apps to my library. I have to admit my favourite so far has been a classics library and the covers of these books look like old fashioned books, cloth with gilded lettering. I know it’s a silly little thing but it makes me happy, there are a lot of classics I’ve wanted to get but haven’t been able to afford but now with digital versions I can get them because they are free.

I thought I didn’t have time enough to read all the books I’ve had waiting before, now it seems my problem is bigger. I somehow am not bothered by that though.

Keep moving forward.