November is NaNoWriMo, I think I got that right. I really like the idea and have to say seriously considered signing up. The only thing is I’m working on a few different projects that I really want to finish and I have too much of them done for me to fit the NaNoWriMo criteria if I chose to work on those. So I have decided on a different track. I’m going to use the concept and challenge myself to write 50 000 words on a project that’s close to  my heart and I’ve set myself a deadline of four weeks from now. Well four weeks from the weekend.

It’s a little tricky to count the words because some of them are already written so it’s not all fresh writing but I still feel with everything else I’m doing if I can get 50 000 words down in a cohesive format in one month it’s not such a bad effort.

I admit things hit a little hitch today because the new Rick Riordan was released and I am a sucker for a fun read but I managed to not pick up the book after dinner and have managed to get 3000 odd words down. I am pretty happy with that effort. Also pretty pleased with myself for being able to put the book down long enough to get that done.