The weekend is here again and I’m trying to decide if I should read or write. The thing is I really want to sleep. I know, lazy, sunshiny afternoons are meant for curling up and sleeping. Sleeping doesn’t get anything done though and I have a deadline. A self imposed deadline but that doesn’t make me any less determined to meet it.

I am focussed on achieving some success this financial year. I say financial year because the calendar year is almost over. Of course I also mean more success than being long-listed. That was a level of success but I want more.

Not being accepted to the short list hasn’t squashed my spirit, rather it has fired it up. I don’t know how far this determination will take me before I crash so for now it’s all cylinders.

You may think talking of crashing is a negative thing, something that may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Me I view it as being realistic. I’ve been a creative spirit for too long to think this will last forever. Most of us tend to be moody in one way or another. Then again this could just be me and those creatives closest to me.

So no lazy weekend. Two blogs down and now I’m moving onto a few fresh scenes for the YA project that’s burning through my blood.

Enjoy the weekend guys.

Oh and just so you know I loved the new Rick Riordan, finished it in two days.