Okay I’m really pissed. I found out today that one of my childhood fave’s is being re-edited to make it more timeless. What the hell? I mean seriously. You don’t buy those books unless the child is a serious reader and thus able to move past the language of it’s time to the story underneath. They are not current, are obviously outdated but who cares, they are a sign of their times. You can learn about the past just by reading. I know what a concept.

Yes Anne was girly and conformist and George wasn’t. Yes the mother stayed home and the father made the money but hell that is indicative of it’s time. Now apparently the siblings’ mother isn’t allowed to say their ‘father wants her to join him in Scotland without the kids,’ rather she has to say ‘we’ve decided to go to Scotland without you kids.’ What? Are they re-writing the whole book to update them or just the language and some relationships to make them more acceptable and less historical? I don’t get it. Anne is no longer allowed to like dolls, it has to be teddies and George doesn’t want to be like a boy and dress like a boy, her hair is not short like a boy, it is just short. I think this is ridiculous.

Sure they may not be the best books ever. Yes they are dated, but honestly they were dated when I read them nearly 30 years ago but it didn’t bother me. I still remember the first sentence of book three all these years later. ‘George dear do settle down and do something’. Yes I remember these books fondly. These kids got to have adventures and do fun things. They were a part of my reading landscape and I hope to share them with my girls but not the rewritten ones.

Please leave the classics alone, kids that won’t read them as they are probably won’t read them anyway and if we update some of it and not the rest I can’t help but wonder what kind of mixed messages will result.

Here endeth my rant.