Well the follow up to hell week has been interesting. Work still bad, so bad in fact the boss sat me down and had a ‘you might want to consider if you want to stay’ chat with me. Apparently I have lost my sparkle. The boss’s boss’s boss didn’t see my passion or something. That of course could be because I neither know no care what their sales acronym MAGIC stands for. Please it’s long repetitive and just plain embarrassing.

So anyway more toys came in more books went out. I really only realised why this change I knew was coming has affected me so much. I put my heart and soul into building up my section and they have guttered it. I also think I’ve become bored. Building up the section was a challenge. Changing to toys doesn’t present me with a challenge I want to take on.

I like achieving things but when I hear the words discount store in association to my current job I feel incredibly disappointed and sad.

That being said some great things, mostly unbook related happened this week. I finally got my sparkles I’ve waited 13 years for them and it was well worth it. And we bought a new PS3 to replace the broken one, so writing took a side seat to gaming this week. However the new JD Robb came out and I finished that, I really like those characters. I also read The Blood Countess by Tara Moss and to be honest wasn’t all that impressed, guess it was hard to be when all I kept hearing in my head was the theme to Ghostbusters. (There’s a similar theme in Tara’s book).

Maybe next week will be less stressful and more productive.