I set myself a target. I liked the idea of Nanowrimo but it just wasn’t the right timing for me, the project I wanted to work on was one I’d already started. So I set myself the target of 50 000 words in one month. I’ve almost hit that deadline and I am now at the point where I need to see how the process worked for me.

I think it went fairly well. I won’t hit 50 000 words but as I’ve written and then typed some and I’ve edited along the way (another thing you’re not supposed to do with Nano) I’m feeling fairly productive. By the time I finish on tuesday I think I will have done about 35 – 40 000 words. I have to say I’m fairly happy with this. A book idea that was there and I’d written in play form is now looking like a novel. I think I’d have gotten more done if I hadn’t been having such a tough time with work. Then again buying a new ps3 and being able to play games again probably hasn’t helped, though I’m no where near as stressed as I have been.

Back to my writing. Was it productive to set myself a challenge like this? Absolutely. I thrive well when given a deadline. When I started I’d been working on another project and was happy with it but it was going slowly. Then certain things happened and I really felt that this YA project was the thing I needed to be working on. So no I won’t hit 50 000 words but I will have my second draft finished before the end of the year and considering I work nearly full time, and have two children I think that’s a damn fine effort.