I’ve had a week off from work and I had planned to write and write, needless to say my plans were thwarted. My youngest didn’t want to leave me be, me being home during the week was a novelty she wanted to make the most of. You might think then that I would at least get stuck into the two foot high stack of books I have waiting to be read, you’d be wrong.
To be fair I have found it very difficult to get myself motivated for anything much but after getting to spend some quality time with my girls and my man I am feeling more relaxed than I have in a while.
So did I get anything productive done this week. I’d have to say yes. I made a couple of submissions, including a real long shot. Also typed a job application.
As far as my YA novel goes well that is the slog. I worked through a few things and sorted out a plan of attack that I’m pretty happy with and my first three chapters will be going to my readers this week. I don’t know whether to consider that a baby step or quite a large one.
The other thing that came together with this project is one of the chapters that was simply not coming together. This is the danger of writing the way I’ve written some of this. I wrote scenes as they came to me and I don’t usually do that, I usually write the story in sequence. So I sat there one day for ages trying to figure out how to move the story forward, if I could use what I had and how, or if I needed to write something completely new. In the end I sat watching the guys play the PS3 and laughing at them when it finally came together. I know that sounds strange but sometimes that’s how it happens, it just works around in the back of my mind and finally clicks together.
So I find myself at another Saturday, my holiday over, it’s now just another weekend because I have to go back to work on Monday. At least though I have the motivation to blog. I will get through tonight and maybe get some writing and cleaning done, as long as the kids (mine plus one) don’t cause my head to explode, before bedtime.
So till next time I raise a preemptive glass of wine (the real one will be after dinner) and say here’s to things coming together – I swear they will.