Dreams are funny things, I’m not talking about the ones that happen when you sleep though mine are often bizarre. I have a couple of dream goals for my life and it’s not secret what they are, I want to be paid to act and write. They are what I am passionate about. It finally hit me today that writing is the one I’m pursuing with more vigour. It’s not like it was something I’ve been deluding myself with it’s just something I haven’t put a lot of thought into.

I love acting with a passion, I’ve studied it, practiced it and dreamed about the possibilities and I’m under no delusion that it’s about the fame and it’s easy. It’s simply that today I realised it’s not something I will sacrifice my family for. I never would have. I get frustrated when after so long agents say we’ll rep you if you do our class. I don’t want to do a beginners class. Also while there is much to learn I can’t afford to pay the big bucks for the retreats and intensives. My family gets priority with our money and yes we have more than some but for me games and movies is something we can all do together and that is more important to me.
My writing though is something I do at home. Yes I prefer not to be interrupted but at least I’m available if they need me. My writing is something I put in many hours a week doing. I love immersing myself in other places and lives. I’ve dreamed about being a writer since I was a little girl. I love the creativity. Thing is writing isn’t any easier to get into than acting the only difference is that publishing houses don’t care if I’m only 5’3″ and not classically beautiful. That said if I did manage to act in something that garnered attention getting a publishing contract would be much easier.