What ever you decide to call it this time of year is a bit chaotic, or is that just in my house. This is the last week of school so I am supervising children writing christmas cards for class mates and figuring out what to keep and where that has come home from the classroom. Work has also gotten silly, for ages we didn’t get any book deliveries worth mentioning and now finally we have, then again quite a few of those aren’t worth mentioning. So I am flat out doing my work and fixing the mistakes of the seasonal casuals, or trying to pre-empt their mistakes, all of which adds to what I have to do.

Thankfully I have done nearly all my Christmas shopping, including my secret santa. Also in there I am still managing one to two instalments for the epistolary each week. Needless to say work on my YA project has slowed, but it hasn’t stopped. I have to say will all I have going on I’m happy that I still get a bit of reading in. I have just finished  ‘Click’ written by 10 different authors. They are short stories tied together by one of the characters, (or several in some cases). I must say I really enjoyed it. It was an interesting concept, easy to read and written by some incredible authors from around the world.

I know there was something else I read recently but my mind has crashed, I guess it’s telling me it’s time to stop for a little while. I should write again before christmas but just in case it all gets too much I’m wishing you a very merry christmas.