Weird things have been happening this week. Work has been a bit chaotic, and some good news possibly came up about the Perth Writers Festival. Will update more about that at a later date when things are confirmed or at least more solid than a ‘you shouldn’t need to do all that off you’re own back when work benefits’ from the boss.
I got a little stuck creatively this week but I did get Click finished (or was that last weekend) it was a great concept and I really enjoyed it. The other book I started I just couldn’t finish, it’s hard when you find nothing likeable about the main character, they don’t have to be a nice person but they need something and this one had nothing I could find to possess me to keep reading.
I did find it funny though that some of my worst publishing moments of this last year made it into a list that (I can’t remember who) compiled.
Well seven sleeps till Christmas and I for one am looking forward to that so I’m going to wish you a very Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year, stay safe this festive season. I probably won’t write next Saturday but don’t forget to check in in the New Year.