Well no excuses now, the new year is underway and to be honest I’m struggling. Having the extra days off the last couple of weekends has made it difficult to get back into the swing of things at work. There are changes mostly not much stock and very little new stuff coming in. So far they aren’t letting us order anything either which is really hamstringing me because there are gaps in some of my best selling series, including first books. This makes it tough to put product into the hands of the person asking for something for the avid or even reluctant reader.

I am really looking forward to the Writers Festival this year. Previous years it has been at the edge of my awareness. I’ve known about it and thought about trying to go to a couple of things but felt selfish and unjustified in doing so. How can I spend that sort of money on myself for something like that? This year I’ve decided to say stuff it. I’m going to take holidays from work and go to as much as I can. I need this. I need to network, to reach out and learn as much as I can. This is my way of boosting my faith in myself. Of course an added bonus is some of it I will be able to write off and some of it work have said they will pay for. Colour me surprised when that happened.

It’s hard to feel motivated at the moment. A piece I am collaborating on isn’t really working for me on some levels. It’s a pain when that happens, I think I may be too close or over thinking it but you can’t step back when there is a deadline you just need to get your head together and push forward.

When I said I was feeling flat and unmotivated recently, someone responded with ‘why don’t you just write something and get it published’. I nearly screamed, if only it were that easy. Don’t get me wrong I love selling books and could in all likelihood talk about them all day, but writing that is where my passion is. Has been since I was a kid. I love writing but at the moment it’s hard to focus. Even in my reading I’m revisiting old friends as opposed to working my way through the ever increasing pile of books that I want to read for the first time.

Something else I’m thinking of doing is adding a list of my fave kids books, to this site, it’s going to take time though and a bit of discipline but now that I’ve put it out there I’m hoping it will help me do it. Of course I’ll have to mention other things I read as well if only to prove I don’t just read kids books. Then again who cares, I really like a lot of kids books so there.

On that note I will leave tonight and wish you all a good week when it rolls around.