This has been an interesting week. I ranted a couple of times about the political correct editing of Twain’s books, seriously does it not take out of context what the man wrote, particularly when you put it alongside the life he lived. This also led back to Anne not being allowed to like dolls in the Famous Five. On the upside I spent some time speaking to a publisher from another country who was looking for international purchases, it’s the second time I’ve spoken to them and feedback is nice when it is the sort that says  the books I think are worth looking at make the top 20 list in other markets. It reassures me that I really do know something.

Writing has been sporadic. I’m keeping up with my deadline commitments but other stuff has fallen off. I’ve been doing a lot of reading though. Sometimes instead of ploughing through new stuff you just need to settle back into the familiar and return to old friends. That’s what I’ve been doing and it has helped me level out some. I think I needed the break, so I can return fresh to my YA novel in a couple of weeks. I haven’t forgotten it, I’ve even come up with one or two good ideas I want to incorporate.

So onwards and upwards.

As mentioned things sometimes don’t go according to plan when writing and you have two choices; step up and do the best you can or throw in the towel. I’ve decided to step up and make try to make my work the best I can even if it isn’t the way I thought I would be taking my character. I want her to be layered and real and so my challenge is to achieve that. It’s a different goal to the one I had when I started sown this character’s path but that doesn’t make a less valid goal, and for me it still makes for a great writing challenge.