The last couple of weeks at work have been dead but so many other things have been happening. I get a thought in my head about something to blog about but can’t get it down because I’m at work or the kids want me to do stuff with them. Sometimes it’s very difficult to juggle the muse and children.

Then there are the deadlines.

The project I was co-writing finished last week. They did say we could take a little longer if we needed to tie up loose ends but we were mostly done. I just needed to do a quick edit and I really wanted it finished.

Working on this project was in interesting experience. Although the end product wasn’t what I thought it would be and my character didn’t turn out much like I’d originally planned, I’d have to say I’m pretty happy about the project itself. I took it on as a writing challenge. It was something very different for me, and it was working to a deadline. I wanted to push myself and even move a bit out of my comfort zone. I’d made my mind up early on that I would try not to impose my preconceived thoughts on the project and merely react to what my writing partner threw at me. I tried to approach it as I would a piece of improv drama. I think I was fairly successful at that. Though I’m not sure if that’s how it came across on the other side of the writing divide.

Strangely it feels as if I’ve taken a couple of months off writing. I haven’t obviously but the project was the only thing that got done. Also I did stress out a bit because of it but that’s to be expected. Now I feel refreshed and ready to get back into it. If only I didn’t have to work as well – my motivation to write is pretty high at the moment. In fact in the week just gone I’ve written a monologue for a competition and I’m very happy with it. Even more so with the fact I got it done a week before deadline.

Maybe deadlines are a good thing for me.