My first day at the festival was spent at the Publishing Seminar. I’m not really sure quite what I expected from this but I don’t think it was what I got. Then again I’m not sure what I got.

It was broken into three sessions : 1st – From the publishers viewpoint; 2nd – Manuscript assessment and Agent; 3rd – A publisher, author/editor and a publicist.

I suppose if you were thinking about writing something it would have been incredibly informative. For someone like me though (who has been long-listed and living and breathing books for as long as I have) there wasn’t a lot of new information. I suppose it’s not really a bad thing to have what you know reinforced.

The day was admirably chaired by Angela Meyer, who did a fine job handling (not that that sounds like a flattering word) both the speakers and the audience.

The speakers in each session did work well together.

I suppose even with knowing better, I subconsciously expected some piece of information to jump out and make me go ‘ahha! that’s what I’ve been missing’. Foolish I know.

I feel the day was a well rounded introduction to the world of publishing that would have given some aspiring/emerging (seems to be the word) author an idea and even a bit of a wake up in regards to what is involved in getting published.