This has been a great two weeks off. It was wonderful to spend time like I have with my girls and be a little more involved in their school lives. I’ve really enjoyed it. Of course I have a really good idea (don’t we all think that about our own ideas) but so far no-one has got back to me in a positive way about it. I think after so much success with the book blog this little problem is really bothering me more than it should. I always knew it was a long shot but I’m not going to give up on it. If I don’t act on it someone else will.

The other thing is my writing. I submitted my fantasy novel to Angry Robot this week. A good thing, re-reading over it got me all fired up to work on the sequel.

My YA project is still happening, but it’s a bit of work at the moment. I think it’s hard because part of me doesn’t want to spend too much time in my main character’s head space, I’ve been there, done that, it can be a hard place to be. I’m still very passionate about this project, still really believe that it needs to be written, but putting myself back onto the darkness of my past is sometimes a difficult place to go.

I’m not sure it is helped by the fact I am going back to work this week coming. There is a part of me that just longs for the time I really truly can put all my time into my passions. Don’t get me wrong, I still really love selling books, I just love books but working from home feels so much more satisfying to me.

Hopefully one day. Till then perseverance prevails.