I was back at work this week. It was interesting, in no small part because they announced the closure of so many stores, we survived this cut thankfully.

We are getting bits and pieces of stock in which is good, and there were several new titles for me to get my hands on, which was good for me.

Writing this week has been a little hard. Not least in part because I’m in a reading mood and I’m so focussed on my kids site. Truthfully I love my kids site, I’m having so much fun working on it and writing my reviews. I also have a few different ideas for this site that I’m working on and it’s getting some decent results already.

Other work news. I’m really happy with my new idea for work as well. I came up with the idea of doing visual displays for each of the sections in my department and the boss said yes that was fine. To be honest I was pretty surprised and I’m not sure he knows quite what I mean, but he’ll find out pretty soon, the first one is well on its way. And so is part of the second, I have spent time this weekend with my girls doing paper mache, I’m making a helmet and I thought they have fun making some masks. I really hope I can pull these displays off.

On to writing. A lot of what I’ve written this week has been reviews and emails, though I have managed to do a bit of my YA project and I want to devote more time to it, I guess though that I’m a little over committed. At least I’m having fun. I just need to make sure I effectively manage my time between my pursuits and my children. They are ever so patient with me and my drive to read and write. I am truly blessed to have the kids I’ve got.

The other thing I need to do this week is look at all the competition information I have and figure out which ones I want to submit something to and what I’m going to submit. Even more things I want to fit into my full week, because some haven’t even been written yet.

On the upside at least I found time today to learn my lines for the play I’m rehearsing, probably about time as it’s not too long until we open.