It’s another year (financially and age wise) and hopefully the end and a good beginning.

Last weekend I went to Supernova and it was well worth it for me. In fact the first 10 minutes paid for the price of admission, I went almost directly to the weapons stand, I know a little predicable but it soothes me somehow. Yes I am aware I am somewhat odd. Anyway a few minutes staring at various display and sale pieces and I had the solution to a writing dilemma that has been frustrating me for the better part of a year. I wonder if you know just how much of a weight being lifted that is?

Also I got to meet Sean Maher from Firefly, I love Firefly and he was lovely.

Then I met an agent and had a variation of elevator pitch on the floor of the convention. She asked me to email her my submission. It sounds awesome but I have discovered it is a little different to cold submissions. In some way the fact I have actually spoken to this person makes it somehow more scary. It’s no longer some unknown sitting in an office somewhere, in this case it is a real person and I started thinking ‘what if she doesn’t like it?’ ‘What if she thinks my writing sucks?’ Well if you’re a writer you probably know the questions I mean.

I even stooped to twittering and #Askagent question about how nervous it’s okay to be while waiting for an agent to get back to you? I know silly and the answer wasn’t really anything I didn’t already know. Don’t think on it, work on a different project, or just find something to take your mind of it.

However even with the nerves things are definitely feeling on the up. One last week of work left then a week off before starting my new job.

Also I have so many books waiting for me to read them and honestly that isn’t a bad thing, though the reading now has to compete with the newly fired inspiration for my second fantasy novel. Perhaps it would help if I could find more hours in my day. Shame that isn’t possible, I just need to see if I can use my time more efficiently.