Over the last couple of weeks at work I tried taking a notebook with me to the register so I could write when it was quite. I managed a little not a lot, in a way though I have to say I viewed this as a success. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get into writing anything longer than a few thousand words and so even writing snippets for my second fantasy novel has been a good thing. In some ways I feel I should be able to do more and so I feel disappointed in myself. On the other hand I know I’ve been putting so much time and effort into reviewing and establishing the website that something had to give, and to be perfectly honest with all that was going on at work it has been particularly difficult to find myself in any sort of head space to write especially anything even remotely useful.

So now I find myself having a week off in which I had planned to knuckle down and find my writing brain, unfortunately I didn’t realise until about a week ago that my week off was the first week of the school holidays, so I guess I may have to be content with a few more baby steps in the right direction. I am confident I will find it though it would help if I had a map.