I finally got a reply from the agent to whom I had submitted my fantasy novel. It wasn’t a flat out no.

So YAY!!!!!!!

Of course it wasn’t a straight yes either and for someone like me that means I start questioning. Mostly they are silly questions including doubting my writing ability and wondering if her interest in my story relies on my answers to these questions. Of course I already know the answer to that one. It’s yes and no. No in that she has expressed further interest by even asking these questions, and that is definitely something to be happy about, because if it wasn’t something she was at least a little interested in I would have got back a flat no. Yes in as much as there are things an agent needs to know before agreeing to work with you. The other thing I know is that these questions are any different to ones I’ve seen that other agents expect answered with your initial submission.

So now I need to consider my answers even though I really already know them, but I’d hate to stuff it up here by not showing the proper consideration and replying in a shoddy way. I’ve put quite a lot of thought into them already and pray that I in no way stuff this up, which probably means I shouldn’t spend too much time thinking because then I will be in danger of over thinking and that will only confuse me even more.

A friend asked me if this is the furthest I’ve gotten in my publishing pursuit and I had the think about it. The long-listing in the comp last year was a success (even though there were times it didn’t feel that way), and this is just a possibly. The thing is though, without the comp result I may not have gotten this far so I decided that yes, this is the furthest step I’ve managed to take and I hope it is the first of many more.

Here’s to perseverance and hope in the sometimes slow moving worlds of publishing and bringing your story (or any creative endeavour) before the eyes of others.