This has been a busy and somewhat insane week for me.

I started rehearsals for the one act play I am in. Also I was asked for a complete manuscript from the agent I had submitted to. SQEEEEEE!

And still a little scary.

This is a huge step forward for me and my writing and still one I faced with trepidation. It seems silly really, I like my novel, I’m proud of it and I love my characters. Yet as with all things creative it has to be handed over or performed to an audience at some point and then it is in their hands. Now my story is in the hands of someone who owes me nothing, and I desperately want them to like it.

And a little part of me is terrified. It’s what I have been working towards for more years than I like to think about and now…let me put it this way, it’s best when I don’t think about it.

So I gave my manuscript a final once over and help…I started to doubt myself, my writing. Fortunately once I really got into the edit I found myself more balanced and even had the same feelings about my characters and what happens that I’d had before I’d read the story goodness knows how many times.

As a funny little side note an email came through today rejecting a short story I submitted for something. Some times I wonder what drives me to continue this pursuit and the only answer I have is in the question – driven, I am driven to write. I need to do this and when publication happens it will be icing on a cake whose recipe I’ve been working on for a while.

I will keep you updated.