Well I wasn’t really in the right head space last week to write, also I think I was doing something else.

Anyway I heard back from the agent. It was a thanks but no thanks kind of thing. Here’s an excerpt:

I feel that the writing is there, however the story takes too long to get going.

I love the concept and it has all the right ingredients that I would like to see in a YA fantasy,

however in such a competitive industry, the author does not have the luxury of building the story at a

leisurely pace.

I guess at least one of the thoughts I had going through my mind was that it wasn’t something she could see as salvageable. If she had then maybe we could have made one or two changes and gone forward.

It hurt a bit I won’t deny that but strangely I wasn’t terribly upset by this. It was fairly helpful as far as feedback goes and I don’t actually think the change it needs is a very time consuming one. The other reason I wasn’t that upset was that when I took a step back to look at it all I realised I wasn’t sure I could work well with this person anyway.

Why then would I approach them you may wonder. That’s easy, when you are looking for a break you will look out for what ever opportunities you can. Looking on the slightly brighter side, in a minor way it was like getting a manuscript assessment. Certainly not a line by line or major breakdown of strengths or weaknesses but it is yet another step forward.

I have not given up, I will not give up. I don’t know that I can. I still have hopes for Evayn and these stories, I have hopes for the as yet unwritten ideas screaming or sometimes floating around in my head.

Sure it gets frustrating to be rejected and it gets frustrating when well meaning friends and acquaintances tell you JK Rowling got rejected a load of times, or other authors with similar stories. Strangely it isn’t as irritating when a well published author says they just got a rejection letter, somehow that gives you the perspective to keep pushing on.

So push on I will.

Later, got a heap of stuff to do and a new idea pushing its way forward.