What a week.

Firstly two books by two awesome authors – Rick Riordan’s new Olympus book (yes for work and pleasure this one) and the new Scarecrow by Mat Reilly. Holy hannah awesome, adrenalin pumping, life escaping, reading. Love, Love, Love.

Also a new idea has been dribbling out onto paper. Only a few sentences here and there but still.

This is not where this week ends. Today I spent the better part of the day on set for a short film. And I had the best day. I only really knew the director and yet I felt welcome and it felt so right being there. Yes filming is a lot of standing around, unless you are the two girls fighting today, but it was so good being there. There are people who think films are glamorous and so on, they are the ones who don’t know things like I was sewn, taped and pinned into my awesome dress, but I still had a great day.

The thing is, with so many attempts at making something in the creative pay off I’d hit the end of my energy. Or so I thought. And today, well it grabbed me by the throat, shook me hard and said, ‘you really don’t want to be here?’ The answer is – ‘hell yes I do want to be here’. Tonight I am energised, focussed and really, really wanting to get back onto set again.

I want to act again.

So now I am sitting here with a glass of wine, some chocolate and passion flowing through my veins. There are two things I want to do act and write, actually three, I have an idea that I hope will inspire more kids to read more authors. And I feel great.

I’m sure you noticed there was no mention of work in this post…there’s a reason for that and I have a feeling tomorrow night, before I have to go back to normal work, will be pretty tough. Still life goes on and I’m certainly not out of it yet.