This week has been a fairly good week for things other than work. I’ve been writing a little something everyday, which I’ve been pretty happy about.

After quite a bit of time thinking about scenes I can add to Evayn’s story after the feedback I had from the agent I’ve finally written two scenes I’m really happy with. Now just to put them in the right places.

The decision I was referring to is I’m thinking of getting Evayn professionally critiqued. Yes it’s a bit of money initially but good feedback from a recognised critiquer (not even sure that is the correct name) can open a few more doors and as there are a couple of publishers I’m thinking of approaching directly I think this is a necessary step.

I feel happy about this decision, the biggest thing for me was convincing myself that I can spend that kind of money on me and my dreams. Sometimes that is the biggest hurdle.

The creative life is one filled with ups and downs and sometimes allowing yourself to believe in your dreams enough to put money, not just time, behind that dream is an important step. Believing in yourself isn’t just sitting on your bum saying ‘I can do’, sometimes it really is a matter of putting you money where your mouth is.