I have loved this weekend. The extra day made so much difference. I got some reviews done, finished the video for the Book Club and most importantly – sorted out my writing notebooks. This may not seem like much but believe me it is. When I was at Borders I kept a notebook behind the register but truthfully didn’t write much when I was working because I was usually out on the floor. Even when I was at reg there was something for me to do. Now however I do at least an hour every day on reg and have nothing to do for the most part. So in order to not go loopy I scribble notes. I have done a few scenes for three different projects, and that is what I collated. I separated them out found the different notebooks for the projects, even put titles on the outside.

Holy moly I got a little organised.

Oh I also sent my manuscript off for assessment.

Then of course reality came back and I realised it’s sunday night which means monday tomorrow, which means work. At least I might get some more scenes written.

Also I am debating the merits of signing up for NaNoWriMo.

I know I’m really, really busy but my writing has slipped a bit and I am thinking this might be a way to kick start that part of my creativity.

It is no secret that in my ideal world I could work from home – writing/blogging and generally just not having to be at a outside ‘job’.

Sometimes following your passion just isn’t as glam as it seems, sometimes there is a lot of work to do before you get to where you want to be. Then again most people never see the work they just see the end result.