Well half way through the second week and I’m mostly on target, I say mostly because I  haven’t written today’s quota.

I’ve got to say though that so far I am enjoying the challenge and in fact having fun with it.

My story has multiple characters all with their own pasts, and I have a plot. Of course being not much of a planner there is a lot I don’t have. I know my characters will do bit of breaking and entering, and they will help rescue someone. I also know I need to throw some more action in there. I’m just not sure yet.

The guys at Nanosprints are really great, sure I don’t do the challenges but just the motivation to sit there for a certain period of time and race the clock is pretty good.

The other bit of writing news is that one of the bigger publishing houses are launching an imprint and are looking for YA titles, realistic ones. This may sound a little out of my area but the truth is I already half a 3/4 written one that is a story I have at various times felt compelled to write. All this means though is once nano is over I have a new deadline to aim for.

Of course with all this writing in my spare time it’s been a little difficult to do much reading. I’ve felt the need to go back and read a series I’ve already read, for two reasons actually. Firstly it’s the precursor to one of the books in my new book club and secondly I just want to sink into something familiar, not have to deal with new things.

Well I’d best start on todays quota.