I got my assessment back last sunday night or monday night I think and in amongst all the bad stuff that you expect there were a few little surprises. My assessor said I’d created a wonderful world, and characters and she would like to see my book on the shelves. Also she gave me the name of an appropriate publisher when I was done.

So now I have lots of work to do, mostly because now I know what the problem is I know I have a major re-write, nothing that making one book into two doesn’t fix though.

The really good news is that the muse has been speaking to me, she has been sining sweetly into my ear and I wish I hadn’t had to have gone to work. This is all good though because my blood is up and it’s flowing fast and wonderfully. It is such a good feeling to be so motivated again.

So now it’s time again for heads down and butts up. Of course there is christmas and family stuff as well as work that will interfere but I can live with that. I’m writing again.