There are good things about having a week off. Mostly when the kids are back at school it means I get uninterrupted writing time, and this week I have managed to put it to good use. Till yesterday that is. All my plans got stuffed by having to pick the car up later than they originally said we’d be able to.

Also I hit a slide into a funk, probably due to the realisation I have to go back to work on monday.

It’s possible to write in that state of mind but it’s not easy because your attention isn’t held on any one thing for very long.

Still I pushed on and have managed to get some stuff done and that is always a good thing even when you have to push through to do it.

I didn’t do huge amounts of reading this week, well by that I mean I finished about 8 books but then 6 of those were graphic novels. Bottom line of that is I need to write a bunch of reviews but when I’ve done that it will keep the website in a good position for a while.

I feel as though there is much I still want to do on the last day and a bit of my week off but it probably won’t get done because there is something I know I need to consider. Some times the best thing to do for yourself is take some time to do nothing. It’s a little hard for someone like me who has passions to pursue that need to be done during time away from work. For someone with my kind of work ethic the idea of sitting around and doing nothing is hard to deal with. Of course I do read a lot but for me at the moment, reading is part of my work so it doesn’t really count as doing nothing.

This is what I have had to make myself do, sit and watch a couple of movies. For me movies of choice tend to be the ones where I can check my brain at the door and just watch. Even then there are times I feel guilty for doing just that. I sit and watch a film, or a show or game for a bit and then a small part of me whispers ‘would that time not have been better spent in your office?’

Sometimes I am honest enough to say no. I’m working on being able to really feel that answer. I know I need to allow myself time to do nothing. So although I have managed to get right into my huge structural re-edit this week I have also been forced to allow myself the time to do nothing.

As a side note, I have to say I really enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens (even if the girl was wearing a dress and had her hair out – how impractical) and Captain America, and yes I am looking forward to The Avengers.

Tonight will be special features, I like special features, acting and movies are still a part of my life I am passionate about.

So until next week, when I may very well be back to banging my head on my desk about customers who do things like saying; ‘I’m looking for a book, I don’t know what it is called or who wrote it but it has a green cover’,  I will take some time to do nothing and then hit more of those edits.

Peace out my lovelies.