I made some big decisions this week. I am looking for a challenge and a career change and I’m taking steps toward this end. The upside is that with these changes my writing is also finding focus. This is a good thing.

After NaNo, I was focussed and writing and that was a great thing. Then I got my manuscript back and I was all fired up even for the big structural changes. Thing is though, while I have been writing bits here and there apart from my week off it has been slow going. Also it has been fragmented. The writing happening in scenes but not necessarily consecutive ones.

This week though I have been able to put down my book on the train and get snippets of writing done, which is how I got through NaNo. This I feel is a good thing for me. Especially as some of the scenes are starting to flow and grow.

So while some things in my life are undergoing big changes, some things will just stay the same. Writing has been such a part of my life for so long I really doubt it would be possible for me to give it up. I just wouldn’t want to. I will finish this story, I’ve invested so much into it that is would be silly not to.

Right now it seems right to say : To live is an awfully big adventure.