This week proved less productive in some ways than I had hoped but that was because I actually lost an hour of writing time at work. Usually during my hour on the till I write when there are no customers, for most of this week I didn’t get a till shift because I was upstairs in inventory. I really liked the change, to be honest I really liked not having to deal with customers.

On the upside as far as writing goes a few things are brewing and settling in my mind. Sometimes the thinking and mulling things over is the important part of writing because even when you’re not consciously working on something various ideas are floating around in your mind. You come up with ideas, discard others and so by the time you get to put pen to paper the ideas just slot into place. That has been what I’ve been doing a bit of thins week, thinking through things. The fun part of this is that then new ideas slot themselves into your story. It’s nice to see how the story grows organically, it is the advantage of not planning everything out, sometimes there are wonderful surprises.