This week has left me with two thoughts, that is not to say they are the only things I’ve been thinking of but they are relevant to this writing side of my life.

Firstly I am still writing scenes that flow, I’m really enjoying the fact that when I write, the story has a consistency to it. There is a nice flow, it is becoming a story not just a few random ideas. The problem is thought number two – time.

Time is just something that seems to be getting away from me. I’m managing work, family, blogs and training but truthfully sometimes I’m not sure I’m doing it well. I have had to decide not to do the book club simply because I just don’t have the time. I still think it’s a great idea but with everything else that I’m juggling putting good thought into that just isn’t going to happen.

There is only so much time I can put into things that aren’t actually going to give me any pay off. Now I know this may sound terrible, but it is the truth. The blogs take not a huge amount of time though reading for The’ Verse takes time. Then again reading was always something that was a time priority for me. Writing the reviews themselves doesn’t take too long and posting them is quick. The other two blogs are just ways for me to clarify my thoughts and yes vent. Running a book club would take more thought and if it took off it would take more time to co-ordinate it, without getting paid it’s just not something I can afford to sink time into. The’Verse is my bookie indulgence.

Training is taking up around an hour a day five days a week sure but half of it usually is while I’m watching something (I do my weight training in the lounge room). The thing is though this is something I’m doing for me. Sure I’m training for the army but I’m also doing it for myself, it is nice to feel better about myself, to be stronger, fitter. Also the army will give me an awesome challenge.

I also have my family to consider. I simply cannot keep adding thing to my schedule that don’t give something back to me or my family. Yes selfish sounding I know but at the moment I have some hard choices to make and some things simply have to give. The novel will possibly provide money one day and quite honestly I need to write, it’s in me, something I don’t know how to give up. The book blog, well that’s my indulgence I like reading and being able to share good books with people. You might think work would give me enough of that but retail is very thankless, customer wise and pay wise. People either want you to do all their thinking for them (I want something for a 12 year old but I don’t know what they are interested in), or they think you are stupid and couldn’t possibly tell them anything informative.

So I need to manage my time better and something else may very well have to give.