Once every three months this thing rolls around that I both loathe and like. Rent Inspection. Yes that is right I rent. There is a big part f me that wishes this wasn’t so but it is my lot at the moment and there really isn’t anything I can do about it. Being of a creative nature simply hasn’t paid off in our lives financially in any way at all.

So, rent inspection. Obviously I loathe them because I have to clean and allow a stranger into my house to, ostensibly  to make sure I’m not trashing it, but truthfully I can’t help but think they judge me. Other real estate agents have never given me this feeling but this one always does. I doesn’t help that they make comments like ‘office is untidy’. Oh I know that the state of my own desk and sideboard in my office is none of their business, that isn’t what a rent inspection is for, it never seems to stop them.

The flip side is, I actually quite like having a clean house. I always say I’m going to try and keep it that way and it never really lasts for longer than about a week. So because I totally stink at housework I have chosen to use rent inspection as spring clean out time. I go hard and brutally get rid of what I can.

Oh and I’ve taken to straightening up my desk. This is a good thing, I think. I’ve ordered all my notes I’ve put all my reviews in one place, it’s so clean and organised that I’m just itching to get stuck into writing. Really itching. I long for the time to close myself in my office for a few hours and just put pen to paper. I want to shuffle through my scenes and work at putting them all together in one coherent stream. I’m blasting through the story in bits and pieces and scenes that flow together but it really needs the time for me to pull it together.

I really want to take a step away from the world and all the stuff going on in it and just escape into my own creation. I have found myself thinking I wanted to get back to the story I was reading before realising it was the one I am writing not one I’m reading that I am talking about. I also spent my time at the register one day during the week probably looking quite silly as I kept pretending to draw certain new weapons that my character has just so I could write the action properly.

So cleanliness it seems is another way to flush out the cobwebs and get the juices flowing again. If only I had the time to make the most of it.

Maybe next rent inspection.