The road to getting published, for many of us, is a long one and not a particularly easy one. It is a road I have been trudging down for a good many years now. I’m not about to give up. I’d like to think I’m closer to my destination than the beginning, over half way that it.

Without a question the publishing industry is in a major state of change. This is both good and bad news for some one like me. It means if I decide to, there are other options for me than traditional publishing. The down side of this is that a lot of people are self publishing and there is a danger of a lot of crap being out there. With e-publishing anyone who has ever thought they should write a book can now publish one, the problem with that is they often don’t pay attention to the stages a book would go through with traditional publishing. Things like proper editing.

That aside it is still an appealing option especially when you consider the monetary split. There is also another thing worth looking at, e-publishing gives authors the opportunity to publish formats that traditional publishers won’t look at. Specifically I am thinking about novellas or novelettes. I have a story idea that I’m adapting from something I’d already written and it’s not enough to be a novel but I’m sure I can write about 20-30 000 words. In the modern publishing industry I could e-publish it for $0.99 and get about $0.70 for each copy sold.

I think this is a section of digital publishing that is really going to expand and I think this may be something I can make a little money from. Any little amount of money I can make is a good amount, and also means I could finally call myself a published author.

I’m still working on my novels, but sometimes you just have to put aside the big project and work on something else to clear the cobwebs out and this gives me a goal for those smaller projects. The future is what you make it and I want to make the most of it.