This week I want to do something a little different, I would like to say a very big thank you to Marianne de Pierres. This lovely lady was in my hometown this week for a con, a lot of genre authors do this, I’m convinced it is an important part of the job description. Some obviously do this better than other.

For me I feel Ms de Pierres deserves a particular shout out simply because she did more than the con, she invite some fans, bloggers and friends to have a meal with her. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet others with similar interests and for me to connect with an author who’s work I admire. We talked about books, cons, music and travel. It was an intimate setting and I feel privileged to have shared that time with those wonderful people.

It got  me thinking though. As an ‘as-yet-unpublished’ author I need to think about ways to get myself and my product out there. Firstly agents and publishers often ask what you (the author) are prepared to do to help market your book/s and I think something a little different may not be a bad thing. Secondly, we live in an age of rising digital self publishing, if you (or I) chose to go that path we need to think about things like this for self-promotion purposes.

It seems to me that there are ways to push yourself above the plethora of other authors, especially if you are willing to see a little outside the square, sometimes it may be the little things (like a small intimate get together) will be what put you above the rest.

So once again, than you Marianne for helping me see a little outside the square and for your encouraging words.