I started today with the best of intentions, I got up in the right frame of mind to write. I took myself into my office and sat down to write. Several hours later I still hadn’t written anything. Every 10 minutes it seemed that I was being interrupted by one, the other or both of my girls. I would pick up the pen and put it to paper and my door would open, or the fighting would start. Even during their quiet time I couldn’t get them to leave me alone for long enough for a coherent sentence to form.

So what did I do instead?

Well when you are a writer there are always things to be done, if all else fails read something. However today I chose a different path. Research. During the week I had written something into my story that felt right and I was sure was accurate but it never hurts to double check. I was right which was nice to know as well.

Then as the writing continued to elude me I moved on to something else I probably should have researched a while ago. It was another topic I had a decent understanding of but now I have a more thorough one and that is a really good thing. In fact it has even already paid off with the scene I finally got to work on have a new and very authentic addition. This addition wasn’t necessary in any way, shape or form but I like it and believe it adds a little more texture to the scene and story.

Any scene that has the ability to bring scents and small authentic details to the reader is a scene that will keep the reader more engaged in the story over all.

The scene may not be written yet but I have a good feeling about the direct it is heading in and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put pen to paper for longer than 30 seconds.

At least with blogging it doesn’t matter so much if the flow is interrupted.