Sometimes writing has been going along well and something happens. This week I had figured out a new sequence of scenes and the writing for that was going well. Today though, when I sat down to write part of what is my huge rewrite I found myself totally stuck. Procrastination wasn’t even a distraction as I tried to write, pen in hand hovering over the paper. But I just sat there.

After a while I took myself off to a dark room and deliberately tried to picture the scene, from the type of trees to atmosphere of the location. No real distractions and still I stayed in the limited landscape that I had when I started.

Sometimes going off and doing something different works, trying a different kind of creativity, or for some things like house cleaning. Today nothing worked.

So todays writing lesson is…

There may very well be times the best thing you can do is write in a different colour (or font if typing) these few words scene to be added later. It works for me. I wrote those words in red then picked up my blue pen again and strangely the words seemed to start flowing again.