Re-writing for a structural overhaul is a huge task. Sure there is heaps that you’ve already written and you already know much of the story but sometimes you hit a wall. The wall I’ve recently hit was because I knew the future, I knew the end result but I was more than a little sketchy on how it got to the point I was writing about in the story. I realised I needed the back story in my head to be far more detailed. This hung me up though. I attacked this problem from several angles. I started writing a scene even though there were major details I couldn’t get my head around. This caused a few problems, obviously, not least being that it just felt wrong.

I tried thinking it threw and in the process discarded a bunch of ideas. In the end I settled on writing a short story from a different characters point of view that would fill the gaps. Great idea I thought (and in the process it gave me another great idea but I’m not about to talk about that just yet) but I still couldn’t get a grasp on a key point.

Then yesterday I took a day off work. I had a physical to go to for a job I am applying for and my boss wasn’t keen on me using my lunch time for it so I took a whole day off. This proved to be a great thing. I had received a massage voucher for mother’s day and decided to use it before seeing the doctor to ensure my blood pressure wasn’t high. So I settled in for a little pampering. And boy did my muscles get pounded, I was so sure I would have bruises after my session, this however was not a bad thing because with all the fitness stuff I have been doing my muscles were so tight and after they weren’t. That really isn’t the point though, the point is that as a writer your story is always with you and at some point while I was enjoying the muscle manipulation and half contemplating my mental block, I found the answer and it was so simple.

This weeks lesson then is – sometimes we need to take time to just relax and do something for ourselves, stepping back can sometimes result in taking leaps forward.