Today will be a few random thoughts.

We all know filmmakers sometimes use books as source material and avid readers can have very mixed reactions to this, sometimes the book transitions well and other times it is tragic. I’m sure we all have films that we think suck but we loved the books. I’m not about to begrudge authors, particularly favourite ones, an extra income stream, in fact I’m all for it.

Sometimes the problem is in the way the screen writers change the source material, for me the first time I realised this happened was when I went and saw The Neverending Story, it was one of my favourite books and I have very clear memories of walking out of the cinema complaining to my mother that certain things were wrong.

Sometimes the problem lies in the casting. The thing with a book is that when you read it you create an image of the characters and when someone else’e image isn’t the same as yours it can be quite off putting. I won’t get started on this, though Katherine H as Stephanie Plum well… no further comment.

Why am I thinking about this. I had a conversation with one of my favourite authors once about the wonderful news that book rights had been sold for a film. I would really like to see this happen but for me the casting of this is a big issue.

So right now I just want to put something out there. Matthew Reilly’s Jack West books have been optioned and Jack West is an Australian, I think it would be totally terrible for this character to be played by an American when we have so many wonderful local actors. My vote for Jack West is Sam Worthington. He had proved he has depth, he has also proved himself in action. Let’s keep this plum role with the locals. Oh how I would love to see these books on the big screen. I really would but please, please. please cast an Aussie in an Aussie role.

Sam Worthington for Jack West.

That is all.