It has been a while. Sometimes life just gets the best of you, between children’s parties, deaths, work, job hunting and the rest that is life (oh and the internet going down for over a week) time has some how gotten away from me.

But for now I’m back and I’m posting today because I don’t know if I’ll feel like it on saturday after working all day at Supernova.

Several things have been on my mind at the moment. The one that has me most frustrated is the 50 shades of grey thing. I have not read it and have no desire to read it and quite frankly I don’t understand the hype. I am worried that so many people (women in particular) are obsessed with an erotic fiction tale where a young innocent girl is seduced and dominated by an older, troubled man. Is this where we find ourselves after struggling so long for some semblance of equality?

Oh I get the titillation idea, I just don’t understand the appeal of a reluctant submissive female character in a BDSM story. Also so many people are buying it without any idea of what it is about…I don’t get that either.

But enough of that I get more than I want of it when I’m at work.

On a happier note, my writing is progressing very well. I was inspired the other day and started side project, just a little thing that will probably see life as an ebook. It may sound silly but the truth is any little bit of money I may be able to make will help and this is a good way to do it. I’m not a well known person so picking up a contract for a short format book is almost impossible but epublishing makes so much more possible. It’s an option I am more than willing to embrace.

The other thing to consider is that sometimes a side project is just the thing you need to inspire the flagging muse of a more long term project.

Right now though I wonder how much these words make sense because I have been constantly interrupted by my munchkins demanding half a dozen different things.

So right now I’m going again. My next blog will probably have something to do with Supernova and fan girl things because a weekend at a con is exactly what my inner fan girl needs right now.