I think my last blog was as I was heading into my week off. Well that has definitely been and gone. I hit my target, and if I have said that I’m sorry, I just can’t be bothered starting this then going back to check again what my last post was.

So hitting the target was a great thing for me, it got a heap of notes off my desk and believe me this can’t have been a bad thing as there was so many of them.

Since then I have started training for my new job. It is strange being back in a classroom situation. I’m just not used to it but fortunately some of the skills have come back quickly, I suppose I never really let a lot of them go because I do still do a lot of research and the like.

Anyway, I don’t really have anytime for writing at the moment and that’s proving to be a bit tough. What’s tougher though is I have no time for reading. I’ve gone from reading a book a day (albeit a bunch of those were kids books of various age categories) to reading maybe, if I am lucky one a week. Oh and The Lorax four or five times a week because that is my youngest’s fave book at the moment. I tell you what, this not having time to read feels really strange.

I think though the answer may have come my way, a friend sent me details for a short story comp. These pop up all the time in all sorts of places and I never really was able to get the hang of them, and because I struggled with the style I never really saw a reason for doing them. I have though changed my opinion on that matter. Short story comps are a great way to blast throw the cobwebs in your mind, to challenge yourself and to get yourself in practice for hitting deadlines.

Find them, if a topic piques your interest give it a shot. It’s good practice really it is.