I just can’t seem to keep on top of certain things as the moment. This studying thing kinda has knobs on it. You might think I would have more time to write and stuff but no. The thing is my study is actually the first three months of a traineeship, so I’m doing more hours, plus study and I’m rehearsing a play. With all that’s going on I wonder why I committed to doing the latter, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

All is not lost though. Someone sent me deets for a short story competition and my ideas partner and I have bounced around an idea that we think is cool. I’ve even written some of it. I have also decided on it’s format and title. All in all not bad.

My problem is the deadline is in less than a week and I just can’t bring myself to sit at my computer and put it all together.

Sometimes everything is there but the final little bit of motivation all because you are so worn out from doing other things. I’ll let you know if I actually get around to finishing it on time.