I’m slowly getting into the swing of things. Sadly I do mean slowly. I manage the 12 hour shifts okay and don’t feel the need to crash in bed after only being home an hour, the problem is I often actually feel like doing nothing when I do get home. Often I don’t even feel like blogging for my review sites.

The other thing is I’m trying to get back into the swing of regular exercise routine. I get that done in the morning (don’t know what is going to happen when holidays start and I don’t have the motivation to run home from the school drop off). It is so tempting to get back, shower and crash but then I get no reading or writing done.

I have made some progress though, not huge amounts but some and I guess some is better than none. Very slowly I am getting there. Of course life has a tendency to throw curve balls at us, such as rent inspections (a reschedule of the one they stuffed up) and 3 sick family members. I’m tired and just want to watch something to take me away from it all, instead I’m blogging and hopefully will get even just a couple of sentences done on the novel.