The-Nine-Muses1You know there are times I have thought about giving up writing. There are even times I have tried to give it up.

I was in my early teens when I first sat in front of a typewriter to bang out the words of my first attempts at novels. Now many years later I still sit in front of a keyboard banging out words in the hope that I will eventually get a novel published.

The thing is I just can’t seem to give it up. There are always ideas floating around in my head. Some even make it out onto paper. There are times I’ve been at work and had to find some random piece of paper just so I could jot down an sentence or few. Writing is something that I can’t control. It is something I need to do.

There are times the muse hits harder, I have had weeks where I really couldn’t keep up with the ideas floating around in my brain. I think I still have loads of snippets for many different things lying around somewhere.

Now though finding time is the trick. A full time job, two kids and the school holidays and I find my writing time has become very disjointed. I’ve still managed to get some done but I look forward to the time the homeworky component of my new job is done and I can really, totally forget about work when I get home. I look forward to the time I can plonk myself down in  front of my notebook, or my computer and just let the words flow.

Of course I also look forward to being able to snatch more than 30 minutes at a time to read.

The muse is a demanding mistress. Creatives are at the beck and call of their art. Often it doesn’t pay, even less often does it pay well. The nature of the bug is though, that it is very difficult to get us to stop. We can’t, so even though we often aren’t valued for it we will always create. Musicians will always give us music, actors will always play their parts and storytellers will always tell their stories.