10-Nonfiction-Writers-Tips-ImageThe flow is still flowing. It is a great feeling when you are in a place that means if you have a few spare minutes you can pick up a pen and write a few sentences. I guess for me this is where the fact I prefer to write on paper works.
I know many prefer to put it straight into a computer these days but me… well if you’ve followed this for a while you might already know I prefer to create on paper with pen in hand. I take a notebook with me almost everywhere. It is something I have done for, a long time. I couldn’t say when I started doing it but it’s definitely been that way on and off for a good many years.
Of course I have worked in jobs where the notebook stayed in my bag and I scribbled on scrap pieces of paper, it doesn’t look so good to carry a notebook around with you if you are supposed to be doing other things.
I’m tired from work at the moment because I did an OT shift so worked 4 days in a row and that does take it out of you when you are in my line of work. Thing is though I have 2 night shifts coming up so I will get some time to write then. How else do you stay awake all night basically on call. Last night shift I got 4 pages done in amongst everything else.
Part of me wishes I could just lock myself in my room for a couple of months straight and write. I want to get this done. I am driven to finish this. Sadly though, like many journeyman writers I have to work something else to pay my bills. Still I like my life at the moment and that is something that should never be taken for granted or underestimated. Sure there is stress but there is flow and when the creative is flowing so much else just slots into place.
Happy creating.