writers-block21It’s not a new feeling for me. It probably isn’t for any creative. At the moment I am still writing, a bit, and I’m reading. Both these things should and usually do make me happy. Not today though.
There are simply times when it all gets to you. I want to write but it is hard to find time to give proper focus to it. I want to produce more than I am and I feel bad that I’m not generating the words I seem to think I should be.
I have so much going on at the moment. Work, saving for a house, extra work. I also haven’t done a show in nearly 6 months and I usually start to get a bit frustrated around then. Thing is though that I really don’t have the time or opportunity to do a show at the moment.
Being creative is a blessing and a curse. Or at least it seems that way at times. I love writing, I wish I could devote way more time to it. I wish there were more hours in the day. Wishes like that aren’t productive though.
I want to say I should be more disciplined. But I know I need to give myself some time. Some time to decompress.
This has happened so many times before that I know I will find the other side. It is just a lull, a low point. Once I find the right scene I’ll get re-motivated and it will be all good.
For now I will ride out the low and see you on the other side.