Pic2So this week some things happened which left me heading to work for a very early start feeling rather crap and somewhat sleep deprived. We all probably have had this happen at some point. There are times things just don’t work in your favour.
Anyway, long story short I was inspecting a vehicle when I had the weirdest flash of inspiration. It came to me in a succession of images, starting with a garden gnome. Needless to say I stood next to the vehicle laughing at nothing visible much to the confusion of the person with me. I informed him of what was going on in my head and his response was to shake his own and say in a befuddled tone, ‘I want to know what drugs you are on.’
Going back to my desk the idea evolved and I was still laughing at myself and other co-workers came to the same drug influenced conclusion. The story evolved over the course of the afternoon and so I considered my sleep deprivation a bonus in the end, though I still find it strange as I have never written a horror story in my life cheesy or no.
I think the point I’m trying to make is that ideas can come from the strangest of places and in the most normal of situations, it is up to us as the writer to embrace these moments that most find nonsensical and turn them into something. The something we end up with doesn’t have to be any more than a way for us to write something different and thus energise ourselves for our current project. Of course if you can come up with something awesome from a random idea then I think that would be pretty great too.
Write whenever you get a moment.