Okay so I am on holidays, it is November which makes it NaNo time and I have all these writing plans. Not that I’m officially doing NaNo this year.
The problem is life wants to interfere with my writing plans.
So I have a solution, not sure how well it is going to work though. I am going to set myself a daily target.
It sounds so easy.
Yeah right, it would be if my target was 200 words or something, but the fact is if I am going to make any headway at all on any of my WIP’s then I need to set targets way more out there than that.
I’m going to try and be logical about this though, or as logical as I can be. I will set my targets based on what each day holds. As most of my catchups have been done I can have a few really word heavy days. In fact todays ridiculous count is in the thousands. I’m hoping for like 5 of them.
Right I’m getting off here then and sticking my head down over my manuscript.