So the last couple of weeks have seen a couple of interesting things happen. I have someone in my life who has the ability to frustrate the hell out of me, especially when he decides to try and encourage me in his own particular way. This has resulted in me having to seriously consider a couple of things I was looking at doing a few years down the track.
At first I was incredibly pissed off, butting into my life, why can’t I just be left to make my own decisions about some things, I am after all a grown woman (though I have recently had a friend say I was one of the least grown up people he knew – I took that as a compliment). Thing is though sometimes inspiration comes front he least likely place. The more I have thought about these things the more I wonder if now is the right time. There is a part of me that thinks maybe I’m not experienced enough to do these things but then there is another part of me that goes maybe that isn’t a bad thing, because sometimes eyes that aren’t as jaded from looking at a thing are more able to see the possibility or options.
So as a result I find myself looking to put together a proposal for some non-fiction writing, something I certainly have a qualification on paper to do but not something I was really expecting to include in my life at this time. I mean lets face it, it’s not like I don’t have more than enough other fiction projects to get on with.
So while I embark on this I’m not sure how much time I will have to dedicate to the other but I do think I may need to continue to keep putting time aside for it, after my fantasy life is what keeps me sane enough to get on in this real world we live in.